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Christmas season’ clothing

Cao najbolji moji!
Poceli smo sa novogodisnjom dekoracijom, odecom i nakitom. Obozavam ovaj praznik, mnogo se radujem kicenju jelke i ukrasanju kuce. Na Dresslily sajtu sam pronasla neke veoma zanimljive stvarcice pa sam odlucila da podelim sa vama. Mislim da ce vam biti od pomoci. Na sledecem linku mozete da pogledate celu kategoriju odece Christmas season’ clothing in Dresslily.

Hi my best!

We started with New Year's decoration, clothes and jewelry. I love this holiday, I am very much looking forward to decorating the tree and decorating the house. I found some very interesting things on the Dresslily site, so I decided to share it with you. I think it will help you. On the following link you can see the whole category of Christmas season’ clothing in Dresslily.
Prva stvar su mindjuse, postoje u srebrnoj i zlatnoj boji. Bas su mi zanimljive i neobicne zato ih i narucujem. Na linku mozete i vi http://skr.rs/qGJ

The first thing is the earrings, they exist in silver and gold. They are very interesting and unusual for me, which is why I order them. On the link you can http://skr.rs/qGJ
Novogodisnji praznici ne mogu da prodju bez novogodisnjih dzemperica. Dzemper je dobrog kvaliteta i lepih sara. Bas mi se dopada. Na linku mozete da pogledate velicine  http://skr.rs/qGo

New Year's holidays cannot go on without New Year's jumper. The jumper is of good quality and nice saris. I really like it. You can see the sizes http://skr.rs/qGo on the link
Sledeca stvar je torbica, uz haljinu neopohodna vam je torbica. Crna, mala i klasicna torbica. Obozavam ih. Crnih torbi nikada dosta. Na sledecem linku mozete da pogledate velicinu http://skr.rs/qGC

Next thing is a handbag, with a dress you need a handbag. Black, small and classic pouch. I adore them. Black bags are never enough. On the following link you can see the size http://skr.rs/qGC
Sljokice su obavezne! Nova godina ne moze da prodje bez sljokica! Klasicna, crna haljina sa sljokicama je pun pogodak! Narucite na linku http://skr.rs/qGW

Sequins are a must! A New Year Cannot Go Without Sequins! A classic, black sequin dress is a perfect hit! Order at http://skr.rs/qGW
Ako ne volite haljine onda je suknja pravi pogodak za vas! Crna suknja odlicna za kombinovanje, svecana je a opet jednostavna. Pogledajte na link http://skr.rs/qG1

If you don't like dresses then the skirt is the right one for you! Black skirt great for combining, festive and yet simple. See http://skr.rs/qG1

It's time to prepare the look for autumn season! DressLily prepare the best high-quality but affordable prices products for you, make you free under all occasion for Monday to Friday

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Dark warmth with Gloomy and Romantic

Gothic is closely associated with romanticism. Romantic literature is full of emotions, imagination, melancholy, and also the same is employed within the gothic literature. Dark Romanticism may be a literary subgenre of Romanticism, reflective fashionable fascination with the irrational, the hellish and therefore the grotesque. Gothic Romanticism Viewed as anti-transcendentalists owing to gloomy show of the world needed to move on the far side sunny world of optimists and ordered world of rationalists Influenced authors.

Zombie Bride
Victor (Johnny Depp) and Victoria's (Emily Watson) families have organized their wedding. although they like one another, Victor is nervous regarding the ceremony. whereas he is in a very forest trying his lines for the marriage, a branch becomes a hand that drags him to the land of the dead. It belongs to Emily, who was dead when eloping together with her love and desires to marry Victor. Victor should go back to surface before Victoria marries the nefarious Barkis heron

Gothic costume with Darkness & Holiness – Dual Charm

Gothic fashion is one of the best fashion characterized with conspicuously dark , mysterious ,antiquated and homogenous styles .its mainly recognized with black color but when it used with white contrast it look awesome .MagicWardRobes is one of the most stylish wardrobe that create excellent Gothic Fashion not only in clothing but accessories too .

Here are some dual charming costumes by MagicWardRobes created in combination with white that makes Gothic fashion more appealing .

Gothic Black Long Sleeve Coat White Wedding Dress
This dress have black coat with long sleeves and have high neck Collar in combination with black and white . you will look extra trim and smart while wearing it .
This stylish costume have inside white wedding dress cover up with black Coat .At front button are used to close the coat that make it eye catching style. This black Gothic assemble the full charm and personality . its a complete wedding outfit in with black sleeves are perfect way to introduce soft style . At front of sleeves buttons are adhere that polished style with twist .
Elegant combination of long sleeves with buttons and high collar coat make it unique one . white wedding gown visible from front of coat. For order contact on following link https://www.magicwardrobes.com/gothic-black-long- sleeves-coat-white-wedding-dress-p-182.html

From backside the coat is plain and simple with long tale
at top of collar it have transparent design that make       white dress visible from top . its an attractive design                around the neck that make it astonishing .From middle it have fitting design that is elastic and used for fitting purpose . so easy to wear by anyone physique . high shoulder from back make it decent and mind blowing . this costume is also favourable in winter season . long tail of coat look amazing and make more quality to coat .

Gothic white Long Tail sleeve less Wedding dress
It’s the amazing collection of MagicWardRobes that have stunning design that makes attraction for everyone . this white long tail dress have sleeveless style that make physique more prominent and make its user more smart with astonishing look. At the mid it have a black stylish banned grip that is used for fitting purposes. The black banned have white design on it that covers the waist area. And make it fabulous. Black coat can be wear on it .

From back side long tail have attractive black design . that spread throughout the tail that make it charming .  waist band from back give shows more smartness. This back bandage will adjust your size with your physique requirement with floral decoration .The combo of white          and black with stylish designing increase its worth .
black line spreading throughout the waist look sexy and beautiful. While wearing gives softness and comfortable feel. perfect gift for Your princess .This stylish costume will make your dream of wedding Dress come true by exactly matching your desire .

Retro Rice White Lac Embroidery Victorian 
Wedding Dress Victorian fashion that show British culture is excellently                represent in this costume .This item is inspired by Victorian era. This dress include layer of white lace along the embroidery .perfect romantic item . the stylish front contain imperresive print that covers chest and abdominal area . it a high quality fabric . it have 2 layer of sleeve with different design that covers upto knee. While wearing it you will feel gorgeous and comfort from all angle. Different Layers of outfit have different sketch with white lace that gives it complete modish look .

Deep neck design at backside make waist visible .Romantic embroidery balanced by seductive with v shaped backline. .backside layers increase its grace with stunning look .
Attached laces give dual charm with design . stylish layers covers the whole body amazingly Reflect victorian look .
If you are a Gothic fanmore Gothic clothing for you. 

Steampunk Dark detachable Hat Hooded Women’s Medium length Windbreaker
A very attractive dress which give beautiful silhouette of new fashion . Its of polyester material available in black and Red color . silver stones on black jacket with unique design make it creative style by MagicWardRobes.
Metalic stones are also attached on front of long sleeve . Hood covers neck in soft grip with designs on shoulders .

Women hat Hooded is also available in Red color with stylish sleeve and front design and cover up neck and head area .it have detachable hood so you can wear it without hat hood.

High collar from back more visible shows strong personality . Creative design at back cover shoulder and waist give more Volume and high quality to costume . Full sleeve with black Color give verstality and mind blowing style . Hips are covered With layered design.

Steampunk Rock Style Skull Rivet Chain Leather Mask

Black Leathery mask with silver stones and chain on it Make it elegant mask than any other mask . silver &  Black combo probably make it unique and eye catching. It’s a distinctive style ,can be wear at any party regardless of clothing. Just pick this mask and have fun.

Have same feature like men’s mask without any difference . For more detail check following link

Bimask-biljno mineralna maska

Ćao najbolji moji! 
Konacno recenzija o ovoj predivnoj maski za lice, telo i kosu! Ceo instagram prica o njoj pa evo dosla je na red i kod mene na blogu. Da li ste je vidjali na policama drogerija? Nekako ne mozete da je na zapamtite. Vise o njenom postojanju i istoriji mozete da pogledate herbamelis.rs.
Ako vas zanima recenzija ove maske nastavite sa citanjem!

Na prethodnim slikama videli ste sta kaze proizvodjac, nisam zelela da opet sve to napisem, nema potreba da dva puta citate jedan isti tekst. Precicu na svoje misljenje.
Maska se vrlo brzo i lepo umuti sa malo vode, zelenkaste je boje i vrlo lepo mirise. Sadrzi razne biljke pa je takav i miris. Meni ne smeta jer obozavam cajeve, masku sam povezala sa tim. Cetkicom sam nanela na lice i vec posle 20 minuta lice mi je bilo prelepo i cisto. Zanimljiv mi je ceo proces pravljenja maske, na prirodnoj je bazi i to mi se izuzetno svidja. Potrosila sam par kesica, a ostale sam razdelila kako bi i moje drugarice probale i odlucile se da kupe masku. Nadam se da cu dobiti neki popust sto sam i drugaricama uvalila ovu masku haha (salim se Bimask). 
Mislim da je ideja ove maske vrloo lepo uradjena, mislili su na svaki detalj sto mi je isto zanimljivo.  
Lice mi je bilo nezno i mekano na dodir, verujem da cu nastaviti da je koristim. Sve preporuke od mene. Cena 599di

Nadam se da vam se dopada recenzija, ostavite komentar ako ste probali! Ljubim vas
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@apihoneytherapy prirodna kozmetika

Cao najbolji moji!
Dobrodosli u jos jednu recenziju! Kako ste? Sta radite? Na blogu cesto pisem o prirodnoj kozmetici, apihoneytherapy je sada jedna od njih. Na njihovom instagramu mozete da pogledate proizvode, cene i dostavu. Pogledajte u nastavku sta sam sve koristila i isprobala. 
Pocecemo od pakovanja! Kada sam dobila paket prvo sto me je odusevilo jeste pakovanje. Ljudi oni sami prave ove drvene kutije. Sami ih pakuju i izradjuju proizvode. Odusevila sam se kako je bilo spakovano, nisam zelela da otvorim dok ne slikam. Evo slicica. Kada sam ih uzela u ruke videla sam da su se bas potrudili i lepo upakovali tako da mozete da budete sigurno prilikom narucivanja, sve ce doci u jednom komadu prilikom transporta.

Dobila sam 3 maske za lice, piling za telo, losion za telo i parfemisani losion za telo. 
Losion za telo je prijatnog mirisa i lake strukture, lepo se razmazuje a koza je hidrirana i meka na dodir.
Piling za telo, drugaciji je od ostalih koje sam probala, koza je prelepa posle njega, nemam problem da se tesko ispire kao kod onih kremastih koje sam koristila. Lepo mirise i vrlo je bitno sto je prirodno.
Parfemisani losion, volela sam da ga nanosim na zglobovima ruke, nekako se parfem uvek osecao, mnogo lepo mirise, steta sto ne mogu da vam prenesem preko ekrana.
Maske za lice, zao mi je sto nisam slikala sebe kada sam se maskirala. Guste su i drze se u frizideru, prirodna kozmetika nema rok trajanja 2 godine, tako da morate da budete pazljivi i brzi sa koriscenjem. Ne znam koju bih izdvojila da mi se posebno svidja. Drugarica i ja smo ih kombinovale i bile su odlicne. Lice je posle njih nezno i lepo na dodir. Sve preporuke za proizvode i prirodnu kozmetiku. Nadam se da cete se odluciti za neki proizvod, javite sta ste narucili!

Hvala ApiHoneyTherapy na poverenju!

Sta vam se najvise svidelo??
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Once meet, never forget! Wigginshair

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Na instagramu su klipse trend kao što verujem da i sami znate, pa danas pričamo o jednom sajtu koji sam pronašla a bavi se prodajom prave kose. U nastavku pogledajte tri frizure koje sam izabrala. Prva mi je vrh! Od skoro sam zaljubljena u kratku kosu, mnogo mi seksi izgleda. www.wigginshair.com sajt na kome možete da pronađete ove lepotice. 
 Wiggins Hair 
 613 hair 
ombre hair  

Body Wave 

1. Hair bundles with lace closure/frontal

Machine double weft to avoid hair shedding; closure can come in 4*4/5*5/6*6, lace frontal is 13 by 4 inches.
Hair Weight: 100g Per Bundle
Texture: straight, body wave, natural wave, deep wave and curly textures.
Features: Can be Dyed, Can be Restyled

2. Lace front wigs
Lace front wigs can be in 150%-250% density. 13*6 blonde wig can be customized.
Lace color: Swiss Lace in Transparent Color
Hair Length: 10-30 Inch in Stock
Texture: straight, body wave, other textures can be customized
Features: Can be Dyed, Can be Restyled

Return Policy: 15 Days Return Guarantee

Pisite mi koja frizura vam se najvise dopada?
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Ruževi, tečni karmini #makeupkolekcija

Ćao najbolji moji!
Kao što vidite ostala je još jedna kategorija od makeup kolekcije a to su karmini! Nema ih puno, nadam se da imate dobre preporuke za mene. U nastavku pogledajte koje se to nijanse nalaze u mojoj kolekciji. 
Karmine držim u organizatorima za karmine. Mislim da je tako najbolje i najpreglednije. Kako vi organizujete svoje karmine??
Colourpop tečni mat karmini
Teeny tiny, lil pump, trap, take a pixie, lost, sunday.
Colourpop su najskuplji karmini u mojoj kolekciji, volim mat tečne karmine zbog dugotrajnosti, normalno ne volim ih zbog isušivanja usana ali nijanse su predivne. Najviše ih koristim i verujem da ću naručiti još nekoliko.
Golden Rose 10, ostale nijanse ne znam jer sam ih već prosledila dalje. Sjajeve ne volim i to već znate. Kost mi se nije dopao. Ingrid užas. Essence Matt ništa posebno. GR je odličan karmin i baš dugo sam ga nosila i koristila, saada je ostao za ješ neko korišćenje i to je to. 
Golden Rose ne znam broj, Maybelline 173, Don Juan 308, Oriflame warm nude, GR velvet matte 15, Farmasi i Essence ne znam nijansu, Avon Au naturale,Farmasi ne znam. Kako su se pojavili tecni karmini tako su ovi pali u zaborav. Setim ih se ponekad ali bas retko. Koristim neke nijanse koje nemam u tecnom stanju. Odlicni su za torbu ali se brzo skidaju. 

Nadam se da vam ova kategorija dopala, pisite sta volite da koristite i koje su to vase omiljene nijanse??
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Mono senke, tecne senke .. #makeupkolekcija

Ćao najbolji moji!
Nadam se da u septembru ide cela makeup kolekcija.. Danas vam pričam o mono senkama i tečnim senkama. Neke sam kupila neke dobila ali svakako nisam ljubitelj mono senki, nekako više volim palete. Ima i dobrih mono senki, uglavnom su mono senke ili kvalitetne ili nisu. 
Prva senka je blush, ona je bazna senka. Essence plava senka nema nikakvu pigmentaciju. Bele senka je sivkasta i odlično ide samostalno. She senka odlična za pregib, ali je nikada ne koristim. Catrice zlatna senka, odlična samostalna. Golden Rose senku koju koristim za obrve. Aura moja prva senka i obožavam je. Oriflame senka koja ima 3 nijanse, koristila sam je za obrve.
Essence metal tečna senka, ništa posebno. Avon šljokice, divne su samostalne. Llums tečne senke, takođe samostalne odlične. Malo maskare i to je to.
Golden Rose nude kolekcija, još uvek nisam probala ovu nijansu ali probaću.
Mark Avon baza za senku. Već druga bočica, super je.
Colortrend siva senka, isto odlična samostalna.

Da li koristite neki od ovih proizvoda?
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